Hi, I'm Victoria! Welcome to the most comfortable & fun photo session experience

Whether its just you, or with your family, or your significant other, photo sessions don’t have to be boring, painful, or stressful.  It can be exciting!

How do I do it? I’ve got my camera bags packed & I’m ready to personalize your session by show off your joyful & true personality.

Whether dancing on the beach, walking through the park, eating your favorite pizza, or whatever creative adventure we embark on – you’re sure to have a fun & relaxed experience!

My Photo Session Philosophy

No two sessions are ever alike because no two individuals, couples, or families are ever alike.

Do you have a favorite ice cream shop, pizza joint, or hobby? Great! Let’s incorporate what you love & where you’re comfortable into your photo session!


Hi, I'm Victoria Rose!

The first time I picked up a camera was in 7th grade – thanks to my mom’s urging (and her desire for me to find a hobby).

By 11th grade, I won Best in Show for my photo of a mushroom! lol!

I entered college with a minor in photography not ever expecting my love for my hobby to grow to this degree!

Now I’m capturing photos through out Michigan & beyond – and turning clients into friends!