As a bride-to-be, getting engagement photos done can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of the pre-wedding process. You’re probably looking forward to using these on your wedding website or featuring them on your save the dates or even just excited to show them off to friends and family on the gram. But oftentimes the groom-to-be is filled with dread about the whole ordeal. Whether they don’t fully understand the importance of these images or they are camera shy when it comes to getting their picture taken, it can be a challenge to get your guy fully on board with the whole affair. That’s exactly why it is so important to prep him before the actual shoot, so that you are both in the zone and ready to capture the love you both share so deeply. Here are a few key pointers for how to get him photo-shoot ready!

  1. Be on the same page about clothing.

This one may seem obvious to you as you’ve probably been scoping out your wardrobe for outfits for a minute now. But most guys don’t put the same level of attention to detail into their wardrobes that us girls do. Make sure that you are not leaving this up until the last minute. Show him what options you were leaning toward for yourself, and then look through his closet together to pick out things that would coordinate well. (Check out my tips for choosing great outfits in my previous blog post here). It’s important to help him choose something that he feels comfortable and confident in. That means even if it matches your outfit perfectly, if he’s not feeling it then go with something else. If need be, plan a shopping trip together.

  1. Make sure his grooming is good to go. 

Imagine the nightmare that is your guy getting a disastrous haircut the day before the shoot. Many guys will not think twice about popping into the barber last minute, so make sure he has an appointment scheduled a couple weeks in advance to avoid this issue. Also come to an agreement on things like facial hair and how you’d both like it in the pictures. Don’t be afraid to include him in some of your self care regimens leading up to the day of the session. Do some face masks or teeth whitening strips together so that you are both looking and feeling your best.

  1. Get him comfortable with posing.

Let’s be real for a second: posing can feel really awkward and unnatural. While you may be used to taking a handful of photos with your girlfriends, that may not be the case for him. Because your guy probably doesn’t have as much practice as you do, help him get comfortable with this concept before shoot time. Start by showing him some inspiration ideas from Pinterest or other couple sessions you like. You can even scroll through previous photos I’ve shared on my Instagram. Then have him practice doing some of these poses at home. While this may feel a bit silly and ridiculous, it’s way better to get those weird vibes out then vs when you are in front of the camera on the day of. Don’t worry too much about this as I always will bring my set of prompts and poses for you two to try out as well – but you know what they say, “practice makes perfect!”

  1. Talk about how you want the shoot to reflect your love story.

Engagement photos aren’t about having the most enviable #CoupleGoals photos out there (although that’s always a nice bonus). It’s about capturing your unique love and who you are as a partnership. To do that, talk about what aspects of your relationship are special to you or make it unique. Then think of some ways you can incorporate that into your shoot. Maybe that means choosing locations that are special to both of you or featuring a certain subject matter that is dear to both your hearts. If there are certain props that are authentic to him, encourage him to incorporate those. Maybe he’s a football lover and he brings a ball or maybe he’s a musician and brings his guitar along. It’s especially important that he gets a say in these aspects so that he not only feels more included but also so that he gets more bought into the whole process. 

  1. Hype him up! 

Leading up to and during the session, make sure that you are patient and understanding with him. While he may not show the same level of enthusiasm that you do or may get frustrated, you should try to be the steady rock that calms him. Try to find ways to loosen him up during the shoot by bringing along a speaker and blasting his favorite playlist or cracking some jokes to get him laughing authentically. If you’re really feeling bold, bust out a few dance moves and get goofy with him! While this can certainly be intimate, it’s good to not take it too seriously and just have fun with it. All throughout this, be sure to give him lots of praise and encouragement to help boost his confidence. 

Also keep in mind that you are not alone in these efforts! As your photographer, I specialize in creating an atmosphere where you are both feeling good and relaxed. With some quality communication, thoughtfulness, a little pre-planning, and a whole lot of love, you’ll be sure to get yourselves ready for the engagement shoot of your dreams. Send me a message to schedule your session and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or need some more pointers. I’m so excited to work with you both to help capture your love in pictures you will cherish forever!