When it comes to finding great gifts for the special people in your life, it can be difficult to find ones that are both thoughtful and something that the person will actually be excited to receive. That’s exactly why using your new professionally done photos is the best way to to check off every person on your gifting list. 

Not only do photo-centric gifts allow the person to revisit the fond memories created from that time, but it is also something totally unique and unlike any other present they are going to receive! With Easter, Mother’s Day, and all the spring birthdays popping up, I’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a list of some of the best gifts for all the different people in your life. Take a look below!

For the Traveler: We all know that person who is always on the go. Whether they travel for work, are full of wanderlust, or are just always busy running errands, these gifts will be sure to make them pause and smile while out and about. 

Travel Mug: Keep their heart and coffee warm with this personalized mug.

Calendar: Help them keep their busy travel schedule on track with a customized photo calendar. Pro tip: include photos of your special event on the month of your anniversary or the date of your photo shoot for a special reminder.

Key Chain: A unique spin on the classic photo keychain. Try this version that includes a QR code on the back to play a personal voice recording. Wherever they go, they’ll always have this visual and audible reminder of you

Photo Map: This personalized map allows your favorite traveler to keep track of all the states they’ve visited.

For the Fashionista: Give the gift of fashion to the stylish person in your life. Get them a one-of-a-kind accessory that will enhance any look they rock.

Projection Pendant: Instead of a traditional locket, try this instead. This heart pendant looks deceptively simple, but hold it close to your eyes or shine a light on it and it will project the photo of your choice! 

Photo Bracelet: Include 7 images on this timeless piece that will go with almost any outfit. Perfect for featuring family sessions, engagement shoots, and event photos all in one gift.

Photo Socks: For the more adventurous dresser, gift this pair of customized socks with your images on them. Quirky and cute and an unexpectedly delightful surprise for when they need a pop of originality in their wardrobe.

For the Food and Drink Connoisseur: Whether your loved one is the chef of the house or just the biggest foodie who enjoys a tasty drink, these options will add a touch of personal flavor to their kitchen.

Custom Face Oven Mitts: This cheeky present is sure to bring a smile to the cook’s face every time they go to pull something out of the oven while using these custom face oven mitts. Opt for a more sentimental option with this photo gallery pot holder

Coaster Set: Not only will these coasters keep their surfaces free of condensation and water rings, but it also provides a sweet reminder of family and love whenever they use them. 

Custom Wine Labels: If you have a special sommelier in your life, these custom wine bottle labels are the gift for them. Especially great for anniversary presents: find the wine that was served at the wedding and place this custom label over the top for a special touch. 

For the Tech Wiz: These items are the ideal combo of modern technology and timeless memories. Perfect for the tech savant. 

Phone Case: Gift this personalized case to the person who can’t be without their phone. Use a single photo or a collage of photos to remind them to give you a call every now and again!

Digital Smart Photo Frame: If your loved one isn’t into a clutter of multiple frames around their home, this digital one is a staple. Perfect for the minimalist to store thousands of images neatly compiled into a single slideshow.

For the Gamer: These gifts are go-to’s for the competitive game lover in your life. These will keep them entertained with a group or on their own. 

Custom Photo Puzzle: Add an element of personalization to the challenge of completing this custom puzzle. Choose the number of pieces based on the level of difficulty they are comfortable with.

Photo Playing Cards: Whatever their card game of preference is, these cards are a great way to showcase special photos. You even have the option to choose different photos for the Jack, Queen, and King cards!

For the Guy In Your Life: Men are notoriously hard to shop for, but easily check them off your list with a couple of these foolproof gifts.

Photo Wallet: a classic present especially perfect for Father’s Day. This wallet will be a beautiful reminder of family every time he goes to use it.

Custom Photo Golf Balls: These custom golf balls are sure to stand out on the putting green! 

For the Artist/Musician: These gifts are great for the more artistically inclined in your life. Whether they love the arts or just appreciate beauty, these gifts will make them sing your praises.

Spotify Photo Print: This combination of your personal photo paired with a song of your choosing is an excellent choice for any music lover. For wedding anniversaries, simply use a fantastic shot from the first dance paired with their song. 

Custom Guitar Picks: These special picks are great for guitarists and you can even include a special case for them with your photo as well. 

Photo Roses: While real roses eventually wither and die, these photo roses never will. Your loved one can display this bouquet for years to come. 

For the Young at Heart: Gifts for your favorite goofball! While they might not be the most traditional, they’ll get a kick out of these one of a kind creations.

Photo to Cartoon Portrait: Transform your favorite photos into a hand-drawn cartoon portrait that is guaranteed to stand out. A great reminder to not take life too seriously.

Custom Photo Reel Clicker: This blast from the past will bring a wave of childhood nostalgia. An all time favorite toy that allows them to go back in time to revisit fond memories through your photos. 

For the Homebody: These items will add an element of comfort and warmth to your loved one’s home. They are meant to be enjoyed while cuddled up and at peace. 

Coffee Table Photo Book: Tell the story of your family or favorite event with this customizable coffee table photo booth. Display this in your home as a great conversation starter when company comes over as well. 

Photo Frame Blanket: What better way to cozy up on a chilly day than with this custom photo throw blanket? Include a collage of photos or keep it simple and sweet with their favorite one.

Memory Lantern: This photo lantern radiates a soothing glow that illuminates 4 of your best photos. Add an ambient light and warm imagery to any space in the home.  

Use these ideas to shop for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, and many more holidays and occasions. None of these gifts are complete without beautiful and original photos from your very own family portrait, couples, individual, or event photography session. I can’t wait to connect with you to create a comfortable and engaging experience so you receive the best quality photos for your personal enjoyment or for any gift-giving needs you have!