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Question: “What’s your shooting style? Do I need to come with poses?”

My #1 priority is making you comfortable! I do that by easing into a session. Whether its senior guys, engaged couples, or a fun session with the kids, I always give you time to “settle in”.

You and your fiancé will start with taking a moment to say “hi” and give each other compliments. We’ll talk as the session goes along to get to know each other better. I’ll take time to adjust my camera settings while you adjust your position to be more comfortable. Then I watch how you interact with your surroundings. I make sure no one is feeling self-conscious, that everyone is getting along, and outfits aren’t clashing.

Then I start giving small adjustments like asking you to turn towards a window. I might ask you to sit closer together. We start with simple actions that help relieve any pressure and even make it fun!

After you’re comfortable, we’ll try a new pose in a new place. I’ll show you poses to mimic that are comfortable and easy to move in to. Sometimes, I’ll have you walk into a position, so it feels natural for you!
You always have the right to veto one of my ideas, but most don’t mind trying something new! We work together to find what works best for you!