David Alyssa Engagement PhotoEngagement sessions are great for becoming comfortable in front of the camera! I recommend we go to at least two locations. Bring at minimum one formal outfit and one comfortable outfit.

Tony Rebecca Engagement Photo

Your formal outfit is usually a dressy top or a cute dress! Your man should wear a suit or nice button-up with dark jeans.

Your more comfy outfit should really reflect your fun side! If your man is a country farmer, let him relax in some nice plaid. If its winter and you just bought a new favorite scarf, pair it with some skinny jeans! This is a great and fun time to show off how much you meant to each other – and look *good* doing it! 🙂

For pairing our outfits, don’t match identically. Contrast through colors really helps your images pop! Complement each other’s colors. If you’re afraid of clashing, just bring along an extra shirt or a cardigan. It’s easy to make those small adjustments on location.

>>Don’t forget to have your engagement ring cleaned! 😀 That thing will be dazzling all day and we need it to look extra awesome!!!<<<

For an extra helpful visual, I’m sharing with you a video done from a Bride-to-Be’s perspective of what to wear! Alexandrea Garza posts YouTube videos about makeup, beauty tips, and more! Her insight in this video will bring you an extra boost of confidence!


Thanks for your time, all! Congratulations on your engagement!!!

Sincerely Yours,
Victoria Rose the Photographer

David Alyssa Engagement Photo